What will you gain?

By the end of this course, you will:

  • The confidence to articulate the impact you want

    Have the confidence to define research impact in the context of your own research and be able to articulate what impact you want from a current or prospective research project

  • Exploring stakeholders

    Have started to explore the stakeholders you need to work with

  • Begin to be able to plan and develop your research project

    Be well on your way to having the beginnings of a plan to develop research projects with impact built in.

Here's what former students have to say...

“Saskia has created a clear and manageable course, interspersed with moments of reassurance and reflection, and I thoroughly enjoyed how challenging it is. This course wasn’t what I expected, I expected a passive experience and was delighted at how interactive it was. Her videos were clear and concise, and the worksheets were so helpful that I’m planning on using them at the start of every project from now on. ”

Ann-Marie Foster, Northumbria University

“The facilitator was warm and respectful. She spoke clearly and this invited you to listen and to participate. ”

Kay Heslop, Northumbria University

“Really clear video content in each of the modules which you can move through at your own pace, reflecting on your current projects and planning for impact. ”

Susan Grant, University of Glasgow

“I have attended many research courses where despite understanding what the course was about, I felt they were still quite abstract in that I struggled to really apply them to my own situation and research. With this course I was surprised and really enjoyed the tasks which broke down the concept and helped me work out how I could look to incorporate ideas at all stages of my research project to create impact. ”

Karen Wood, University of Glasgow

“I think the case studies were amazing. It really brought the message home. ”

Alejandra Aranceta-Garza, The University of Dundee

“The course design and delivery is very professional. I found it very useful to have the tasks and the workbooks, with very clear instructions on what to do when. The way in which the course is structured is well thought through and effective in supporting researchers to think about and start planning the impact aspects of their work. ”

Anwen Elias, Aberystwyth University

“Saskia is so clear! The videos are really nicely pitched and so well presented. It's like having a friend working with you to think through impact as a whole. ”

Matthew Jarvis, Aberystwyth University

“It really was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to take a step back from my work and look at it from a different angle - that of how it has real impact. I felt exhilarated to take this step and have a more holistic view of my work and I identified several changes I could make to my practice and processes I could put in place. ”

Dr Cat Walker, The Researchery (independent consultancy)

Hi, I am Saskia, your course instructor

I have worked with academic researchers for more than 17 years on impact, creating strategies to embed policies and practices to maximise opportunities for research impact.

This course, designed for early to mid-career researchers, encompasses my experience and learning from working with 100s of researchers into easily digestible steps that you can use to build impact into your research.
Saskia Walcott

Praise from Professor Mark Reed, Fast Track Impact

"The Impact Integrators course is the first course of its kind. It covers everything a researcher needs to know to design and execute their research and engagement to deliver impact, and is suitable for all disciplines and career stages.”

Course 1 Curriculum: Integrating Impact into Your Everyday

Learn the essentials for identifying the potential impacts of your research, and most importantly, how to get there. By the end of course 1 you will have:

  • The outline of an impact plan

  • Identified where the remaining gaps in your knowledge are, and an understanding of how to fill those gaps

  • Started to practise the habits you'll need to maximise the impact potential of your research

Course 2 Curriculum: Integrating Impact into Your Funding Proposal

Learn how to incorporate a considered and resourced impact plan into your funding proposal, and ultimately, how to maximise your chances for success. By the end of course 2 you will have:

  • Identified the resources you will need to deliver impact

  • Considered the data and evidence you will need to monitor impact

  • Considered what skills may require further development

  • An estimate of the budget required

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Aberystwyth University
University of Bath
Leeds Beckett University
Solent University
Teeside University