What will you gain?

By the end of this course, you will:

  • The confidence to articulate the impact you want

    Have the confidence to define research impact in the context of your own research and be able to articulate what impact you want from a current or prospective research project

  • Exploring stakeholders

    Have started to explore the stakeholders you need to work with

  • Begin to be able to plan and develop your research project

    Be well on your way to having the beginnings of a plan to develop research projects with impact built in.

Praise from Professor Mark Reed, Fast Track Impact

"The Impact Integrators course is the first course of its kind. It covers everything a researcher needs to know to design and execute their research and engagement to deliver impact and is suitable for all disciplines and career stages.”

Hi, I am Saskia, your course instructor

I have worked with academic researchers for more than 17 years on impact, creating strategies to embed policies and practices to maximise opportunities for research impact.

This course, designed for early to mid-career researchers, encompasses my experience and learning from working with 100s of researchers into easily digestible steps that you can use to build impact into your research.
Saskia Walcott

Prices start at £4,250 p.a. That gives 30 researchers access to one of the UK's leading research impact specialists for 12 months.

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Here's what former students have to say...

“I was expecting it to be much more directive, so I enjoyed it much more than I thought I was going to. It had a lot for self-reflection in it and thinking which I appreciated.”

Rachel, Professor, Peace Studies

“The course made me think more critically about the quality of my work, expectations and processes I have to follow in relation to research impact.”

Niki, Senior Lecturer, HR Management

“This course doesn’t overwhelm with the REF and is spot on to get you started”

Jayne, Professor, Cultural Studies

“This was a reflective introduction to impact that encouraged me to think about it from the beginning of a project. It reminded me of why I do research in the first place. ”

Henry, Senior Lecturer, Cultural Studies

“For someone like me who was a little bit apprehensive of starting to look at impact in relation to my research this was a wonderful way into it”

Ingrid, Head of Subject, Sport Management

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Start where you are

    You begin by creating a list of your current research projects and interests. You are then asked to interrogate that list, reflecting on your involvement and expected outputs.

  • Module 2: Defining impact

    This module encourages you to reflect on your own motivations for doing what you do and encourages you to explore different views of what impact is in your discipline.

  • Module 3: Planning for impact

    This module will help you to start the process of putting together a research plan that integrates impact from the start. Structured around 15 questions, it asks you to examine the impact potential of your research.

  • Module 4: Stakeholders

    This module challenges you to consider the different types of stakeholders relevant to your research and their role in achieving impact.

  • Module 5: Bringing it together

    This module highlights the importance of your network and an example of how others went about achieving impact from their research


  • When does the 12 month licence activate?

    The 12 month-access to the course commences on receipt of a valid PO number from your university’s finance department. Once we receive your completed Impact Integrators order form we will issue an invoice for you to initiate your internal PO request. Once we receive a valid PO from the finance department, we will issue a new invoice for payment.

  • How do researchers get added to the course?

    We will input the names of your researchers into our platform. You are responsible for supplying the names and email addresses of the researchers to whom you are giving access. We will input their names within 2 working days.

  • When will researchers get access to the course?

    You provide us with the names and emails of the researchers. We input their names into the platform which generates an email asking them to sign up and create a password.

  • Can we add additional researchers to the course during the year?

    Yes, you can add additional users at any time. You will be charged the monthly subscription rate of £15.00 per researcher for the number of months remaining on the 12 month licence. Institutional access to the course materials expires for all users at 12 months, regardless of when they were given access.

  • How do we get access to online tutorials?

    Monthly online 1 hour tutorials are delivered by the course leader, Saskia Walcott, and are open to all users. Cohort-specific tutorials, exclusive to your institution’s researchers, are designed with you to complement your institution's development objectives. There is a separate fee depending on what you need.

  • What is the difference between the two types of tutorials?

    The open access tutorials take place monthly and will be a ‘drop-in’ session where learners can ask questions about their progress and engage in peer to peer learning. For an extra fee, institutions can have three cohort specific tutorials per year. These are organised individually with each client, but we suggest that the first is timed to take place during the first month to capture learners that have just started, and the other two can be organised termly or to complement the existing learning and development timetable.

  • If our institution has signed up for cohort specific tutorials, can our researchers also attend the open access tutorials?


  • What happens after the initial 12 month commitment expires?

    You have the option to switch to a monthly rolling subscription.

  • What is the notice period to terminate the contract after the 12 month period?

    After the 12 month period expires you can terminate access to Impact Integrators by giving us notice of 1 calendar month.